Open hours

When are rooms available?

This depends on the location of the Library (please note exceptions apply during bank holidays):

Headington Library Opening TImes

Harcourt Hill Library Opening Times

Wheatley Library Opening Times

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You can contact the Library in a number of ways.

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How far in advance can I make a booking?

Rooms may be booked up to one week in advance.

How long can I book a room for?

This depends on the Library you are using. At Headington and Wheatley the time slots available are for one or two hours (with a maximum of two hours per day per group); at Harcourt Hill, one hour (a maximum of one hour per day per group).

What do I need to make a booking?

You will need your Brookes ID and password to use the booking system.

What facilities are available in the bookable group spaces?

All rooms contain a PC and most have other audio-visual equipment - the individual details for each room will be shown during the booking process.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

· Groups should arrive promptly and leave the group space five minutes before the end of their booked time slot. Do not cause any delay to another group.
· Leave the group space in a clean and tidy condition. Please report any problems with the facility immediately an issue is discovered.
· The Library Regulations apply to the group spaces.


This booking system is for the use of Brookes students.

- A fair use policy is in place

- Please do not make excess bookings

- If you make a booking please turn up on time

- Please vacate the room promptly and do not delay the next group

- Please leave the room as you would expect to find it

- If you no longer need a booking please cancel it so the room becomes available for another group.